African Cameroon Solid Leaf

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Type: Shade

Origin: Cameroon

Grade: Solid Leaf

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Cameroon's rich green flora and humid warmth are the origin of this savory leaf. Its light and aromatic scent, rich brown color, and tooth reflect the smells and textures of the temperate forests it is grown in. African Cameroon tobacco can grow on other continents, but, since its transportation from Asia in the 1900s, genuine African Cameroon whole leaf tobacco has developed a rare and exceptional flavor. This leaf has grown in popularity since the late 1900s largely due to dedicated and careful cultivation by local African farmers partnered with the Belgian Meerapfel family. Small source operations and a limited geographic origin make this exquisite leaf one to be treasured and savored.

Grown in the shade of western African forests, Cameroon is cured from its initial lighter color to a rich 'Colorado' brown. It is similar in color and texture to the Connecticut shade leaf, but its flavor characteristics have the leather and subtle spiciness of Cuban Habano wrappers. When perfectly aged, this tobacco takes on an essentially unique flavor: a woody blending of pepper and leather with a buttery toasty spice. Sweet undercurrents meld the complex composition into a smooth, rich finish.

This strain of Fronto (also known as Fanta) whole leaf tobacco is thin, making it a challenge to roll, but its oil content makes it highly flavorful and worth the effort. An excellent substitute for Cuban wrappers, Cameroon adds a little spark to mild-medium blends. Or, use it to complement other rich and flavorful tobaccos. Cameroon can supplement your tobacco combination in any way: as a binder, a filler, or as a wrapper..

We were recently able to secure a large quantity of this wonderful leaf. Although we are selling this as "solid leaf" grade, some of these leaves could qualify as wrapper or binder grade leaves. Generally speaking, however, a "solid leaf" may have some holes and defects. Because of the ultra-thin profile of these leaves, as well as the oil content, we ship these leaves with a small moisture content, and we do not break them apart from each other. This tobacco will take a little extra effort to separate, but the end result is worth it. The affordable pricing for this leaf makes it a great buy for anyone willing to put in a little extra effort. Our large and wholesale shipments arrive in the same manner. We’re happy to accommodate your preference.

Type: Shade

Origin: Cameroon

Grade: Solid Leaf

Average length: 14.5" long

Average width: 6.5" at its widest point

Average weight: 125 leaves per pound

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