Frequently Asked Questions

Can you smoke whole leaf tobacco?

Yes. Natural whole leaf tobacco provides a great additive free smoking experience. The presence of additives often takes away from the pure and refined tobacco taste and aroma that many smokers enjoy, and fewer additives can also mean fewer health risks. Additionally, lots of people choose to smoke whole leaf tobacco because they can blend together different types of leaves to create new and unique blends that fit their taste.

What is the highest quality tobacco leaf?

There are a wide variety of different tobacco leaves, but Wrappers are often considered to be the highest quality. Wrappers are some of the largest leaves and have an impressive amount of structural integrity. In addition to their size and strength, Wrappers are also considered high quality because they lack holes and many other imperfections. As the highest quality tobacco leaf, Wrappers are typically used on the outside of a cigar to bind the other types of leaves together, hence their name.

What is flue-cured tobacco?

Flue-curing is one of the three tobacco curing methods and is by far the most widespread, making up roughly 90% of all tobacco produced in America every year. Flue-curing involves yellowing, leaf drying, and stalk drying processes that take place in a flue-curing barn. Flue-cured tobacco has a high sugar content, contains medium to high levels of nicotine, and is rich in natural tannins, creating a distinctly mild and slightly sweet flavor and aroma.

What’s the difference between Grabba and Fronto?

The Grabba leaf and Fronto leaf are both used to create smoking tobacco products but in different ways. Grabba leaves are typically thicker and are crushed to use inside cigars, pipes, and cigarettes, while Fronto leaves can be crushed or used to wrap a cigar. Fronto leaves are also considered higher quality and will tear less easily, which is why they’re used as a wrapper. Technically, Grabba leaves are a type of Fronto leaf, but the differences in how they are used have made the distinction necessary.

How do you flue cure tobacco?

After harvesting, tobacco is flue-cured in three steps – yellowing, leaf drying, and stalk drying. Yellowing makes leaves yellow and wilted by gradually increasing the temperature in a flue-curing barn (2 degrees every hour until the barn is 100 degrees Fahrenheit). The leaf drying process again increases the temperature gradually, this time until the barn reaches 130 degrees Fahrenheit while allowing some ventilation. Stalk drying steadily increases the temperature to 160 degrees Fahrenheit so the plant can dry completely.

What are the different types of tobacco wrappers?

Total Leaf Supply has a variety of high-quality leaves you can use as a wrapper, including the Candella, Ecuadorian Seco Cuban Seed, French Burley, Glasgow Magistrate, Aged Glasgow Magistrate, Picaroon, Blind Monkey, and Virginia Light Fire Cured Wrapper.

What is a tobacco wrapper?

A tobacco wrapper is a very high-quality leaf that is used to wrap the flavor components of a cigar. These leaves are typically free of holes and imperfections, visually appealing, even colored, thin with minimal visible veins, and have a smooth texture. As the outside layer of cigars, wrappers are one of the primary flavor components and will add to the aroma.

What are tobacco fillers?

Tobacco fillers are the shredded components of a tobacco leaf that are pressed and held together by the wrapper. The filler is mainly responsible for the strength, flavor, boldness, and aroma of a cigar. While most filler is the shredded pieces of leaves, it can sometimes be just a whole leaf that runs from one end of the cigar to the other. The shredded pieces are called “short filler,” while the whole leaf is called “long filler.”

What’s the difference between light and dark tobacco?

Light tobacco leaves get washed during the production process, which reduces their nicotine content. Dark tobacco leaves are unwashed, meaning their nicotine content is left intact, and they’ll give you a higher buzz when smoked. Dark tobacco is typically recommended for experienced smokers.

What is shade tobacco used for?

Shade tobacco is a type of tobacco primarily produced in Connecticut, Massachusetts, or Southern Vermont. The tobacco is grown in very fertile soil and under the cover of a tent to be protected from the sun and wind. This unique process results in a whole leaf tobacco that’s thinner, larger, and more flexible. They’re regarded as some of the highest quality leaves money can buy and are commonly used as a wrapper.

What are the varieties of air cured tobacco?

There are two varieties of air cured tobacco – light air cured and dark air cured. Light air cured tobacco isn’t fermented and is cured using natural heat, while dark air cured tobacco is fermented and has a bolder flavor and more distinct aroma.

Can I buy tobacco in bulk?

Yes. At Total Leaf Supply, you can order over 1,000+ pounds of any one of our wholesale natural whole leaf tobacco products – and at the lowest price. Just put in your wholesale request here.