“An iron hand in a velvet glove” - gentle sweetness with a strong, smoky finish


Type: Fire Cured

Origin: Turkey, Syria

Grade: Filler

Average length: 6″ long, not including the unusable length of the stem at the bottom of each leaf

Average width: 2″ at its widest point

Average weight: 125 or more leaves per pound

Fire Cured Filler Grade Latakia whole leaf tobacco, a product of Syria and Turkey's arid climates, was accidentally developed in the 1800s. Stored leaves were exposed to household smoke, unintentionally infusing Latakia's bold signature. Grown by coastal Syrian and Turkish farmers, Latakia develops a waxy layer on its leaf to preserve moisture in this dry region. This gives it a distinctly aromatic concentration even before its flavorful curing process. Like other Turkish tobaccos, our fire cured filler grade Latakia tobacco is initially sun cured then sealed in storage barns and fire cured, typically by burning Syrian oak or pine wood and a variety of regional herbs. Depending on the blend of curing materials used and the length of the curing, differing Latakia flavor strains result.

Because Latakia is a fire cured tobacco leaf, it has a robust smokiness enhanced by the fragrances of the materials used to cure it. Smokey, peppery overtures arise from the mainly evergreen woods used, and they blend with just a hint of smooth sweetness reminiscent of leather or campfire. The smoky strength of Latakia whole leaf tobacco's curing process results in a dark color and compelling fragrance. Its powerful flavor and surprisingly smooth quality make Latakia the perfect complement to other typical whole leaf tobacco varieties. Common choices for partnering with Latakia include Burley, Virginia Flue Cured, and black or brown Cavendish.

Aside from reduced costs, whole leaf tobacco from Total Leaf Supply provides the satisfaction of crafting unique, personal tobacco products. Our retail-size fire cured filler grade Latakia tobacco orders ship unbound. We also offer large and wholesale quantities as needed by our customers. We are happy to fulfill any requests made.

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