When wrapping a cigar or rolling your own blend of tobacco, there are several components involved, one of which is the outer layer, or wrapper. A wrapper grade tobacco leaf is one which comprises the outside layer of tobacco on a cigar or “wrap” and gives the wrap one of its primary flavor components. Tobacco wrappers are normally the highest-quality tobacco leaf. As such, wrapper grade tobacco leaves are the most expensive part of the cigar or wrap and must be thoroughly inspected by hand to ensure perfection. Sometimes the role of a wrapper is purely to add visual appeal to the end product, and sometimes the wrapper leaf adds a layer of flavor and overall aroma. There are several key characteristics to wrapper grade tobacco leaves, including:

  • Visual appeal
  • Virtually free of holes or imperfections
  • Even coloration throughout
  • Thin and delicate
  • Minimal visible veins
  • Smooth texture

At Total Leaf Supply, our mission is to provide the highest quality Fanta, Grabba, and Fronto Leaf tobacco at the best price by working directly with tobacco producers. We’re proud to offer tobacco consumers the most competitive wholesale pricing on the whole leaf tobacco market. When you order your whole leaf tobacco wrappers from us, you are getting the highest quality whole leaf tobacco at the most competitive prices possible. No matter what type of tobacco leaf product you are looking for, you can find it here.

Common types of wrapper grade tobacco leaves are Connecticut and Maduro (meaning “ripe”). At Total Leaf Supply, our wrappers include:

Candella Wrapper Leaf Tobacco
Ecuadorian Seco Cuban Seed
Ecuadorian Seco Cuban Seed Wrapper Leaf Tobacco
>French Burley
French Burley Wrapper Leaf Tobacco
Glasgow Magistrate
Glasgow Magistrate Wrapper Leaf Tobacco
Aged Glasgow Magistrate
Aged Glasgow Magistrate Wrapper Leaf Tobacco
Picaroon Wrapper Leaf Tobacco
Blind Monkey
Blind Monkey Wrapper Leaf Tobacco
Virginia Light Fire Cured Wrapper
Virginia Light Fire Cured Wrapper Leaf Tobacco

Are you looking for quality tobacco wrappers at an affordable price from a reputable source? Please feel free to contact us with any questions you have about our product line, or to place a wholesale order. You can talk to us directly at (434) 247-1504, or drop us an email today at leaves@totalleafsupply.com. We look forward to becoming your number one online source for the finest in whole leaf tobacco wholesale products for sale.