Candela Wrapper

Earthy, unique, and untraditional. Light it on your patio surrounded by the scent of fresh-cut grass in late spring


Type: Shade

Origin: Ecuador and Honduras

Grade: Wrapper

Our Candela Wrapper tobacco leaf is a fine and unusual tobacco wrapper. This leaf has a thin, soft and green body that easily lends itself to stretching and rolling. Veins are very thin, which also allows for a perfect roll. "Why the green color?", you might ask. Well, this leaf is harvested before the plant has fully matured and is cured very quickly in order to retain its grassy color. This leaf has a very complex grassy, spicy flavor.

In comparison to our Glasgow Magistrate Wrapper, our Blind Monkey Wrapper or our Picaroon Wrapper, the Candela Wrapper tobacco leaf is as thin and light as they come, and it is world renowned for is fine cigar wrapper qualities. Old-fashioned tobacco farmers in Ecuador and Honduras grow this leaf from Cuban seed under shady conditions. Generally, producers grow shade tobacco under shade tents or in regions with constant cloud cover, which gives this particular leaf its tender, thin body.

Are you looking for a leaf with the same tender body but with a traditional flavor? Check out our Ecuadorian Seco Cuban Seed Wrapper.

As with all of our retail sales, these leaves are unbound and separated from each other. If you'd prefer your order to be untouched and bound together in 'hands' by the farmer, we're happy to accommodate you. Just let us know. Large and wholesale orders are shipped in bound 'hands' of tobacco.

Type: Shade

Origin: Ecuador and Honduras

Grade: Candela Wrapper

Average length: 18.5" long

Average width: 9" at its widest point

Average weight: 96 leaves per pound (this is a thin, light leaf!)

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1 Pound, 1/4 Pound, 5 Pound

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