Why Should You Process Your Own Whole Leaf Tobacco at Home?

Did you know it’s unbelievably easy to shred your own whole leaf tobacco? Why pay for pre-shredded leaf when you can buy whole leaf tobacco and shred it when you need it? The process is easy and fun, and you get the rich experience of being a hands-on part of the process. You can make your own blends, get the consistency and size of shred you like, and enjoy consuming something you made yourself.

How to Process Whole Leaf Tobacco

As we mentioned, it’s not difficult at all to process your own whole leaf tobacco. Just a few simple steps and the right equipment – which is not expensive – and before you know it, you’ll be shredding like a pro.

  1. First, remove the entire main stem from the leaf by pulling it down and away from the leaf, or cutting around it with scissors.
  2. Let the de-stemmed leaf reach the right moisture level. It should be dry but not crispy.
    • Whole leaf tobacco that is too dry can crack, crumble, and/ or turn to dust, making it difficult to process.
    • If it’s too wet, it will clump and can clog – and potentially damage – your shredder.
  3. Get your shredder
    • Tobacco shredders work great for processing your whole leaf tobacco at home, as they are intended for this purpose. Follow the manufacturer’s operating instructions.
  4. If you don’t have a tobacco shredder you can try using scissors. This is considered the second best option for shredding your own whole leaf, but it is also the most labor intensive method.
    • Fold the leaf in half a few times and tuck in any overhanging ends. Hold the scissors at a 45 degree angle and cut the folded leaf into strips, roughly 1-2mm wide each.
  5. If you don’t have a specialized tobacco shredder or competent pair of scissors, you can use many common household items, but these are not ideal for shredding as they turn tobacco into flakes instead of strings. This makes them harder to roll, burn less consistently, and can let the ember fall out easier. If you must, you can use:
    • Coffee grinder
    • Herb grinder
    • Blender
    • Food processor

Now that you know how to process whole leaf tobacco at home, don’t forget to store it properly to maintain freshness and flavor. Refer to our page on how to keep your whole leaf tobacco fresh for detailed instruction on how to make the most of the quality whole leaf tobacco you purchase from Total Leaf Supply. For more information about purchasing top quality whole leaf tobacco, contact Total Leaf Supply with your questions via email at leaves@totalleafsupply.com, or give us a call today at (434) 247-1504. One of our friendly representatives will gladly assist you in choosing the perfect whole leaf tobacco to suit your needs.