Tobacco that is sealed in a package of some sort normally stays fresh on the shelf for approximately two years. Once a package seal is broken, however, the tobacco begins to dry out, affecting the flavor. Fresh tobacco is the goal, but many tobacco users aren’t sure how to keep tobacco fresh.

Why should you try to keep your tobacco fresh?

If fresh tobacco is dried out during or after the curing process, the result is a very harsh taste as well as a harsh smoke for the stomach and lungs. Dry, crumbly tobacco simply does not taste as good as fresh tobacco, which is why tobacco is packaged in airtight containers that keep it fresh and moist until opened. Also, a properly hydrated tobacco leaf is easier to work with. A fresh, moist tobacco product will roll better, without breaking, cracking, or crumbling, and packs better in a smoking pipe.

How do you keep your tobacco fresh?

You may have purchased your tobacco in a resealable bag, thinking this would be enough to keep your leaf fresh. However, as soon as your tobacco is exposed to the air, the drying out process begins. Depending on how long it takes you to go through the entire package, by the time you get to the end of your supply your tobacco leaf could be dry and flavorless, even if you keep it in a resealable bag. There are several ways to avoid dried out, crumbly tobacco and keep it fresh, flavorful, and easy to work with. Here’s what we know about how to keep tobacco fresh:

  • Use a humidor. This is a classic, tried and true method of keeping tobacco fresh. Humidors are easy to find because they are popular, and they are popular because they work so well. Any tobacco shop should have a good supply of humidors on hand, or you can purchase yours online from many reputable vendors.
  • Use a hydro stone. A small, common terra cotta stone, sometimes known as a hydro stone, is another simple way to keep tobacco fresh. The hydro stone releases moisture into the atmosphere of your tobacco storage area or container. Simply soak the stone in a bowl of water until it absorbs all the liquid. As it dries out, moisture will gradually be released. The hydro stone will keep your tobacco moist by increasing the water content in the air.
  • Use a mason jar. This method is another one that’s been around a long time, like the humidor. By vacuuming the air out of the jar, your tobacco is preserved and kept flavorful and moist. You can store your tobacco in a mason jar and leave the air in if you wish to age the tobacco further.

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