Fire Cured Tobacco Buyers Guide

by | Nov 26, 2021

Fire cured tobacco is a desirable choice for those seeking strong flavors and a high content of nicotine. Once harvested, leaves grown in Virginia, Tennessee, and Kentucky are hung in sealed barns and cure as a result of a smoldering fire with significant smoke production. Not only does this preserve the natural oils present in the leaves, but it provides a flavorful and aromatic finished product. There are three types offered at Total Leaf Supply, and we’ve put together this fire cured tobacco buyers guide to help you choose the right whole leaf tobacco for your tastes.

Types of Fire Cured Tobacco

Tennessee/Kentucky Dark Fire Cured Lo Solid Leaf

With a dark aroma balanced by a sweetness that lingers wonderfully, the scent of our TN/KY dark fire cured lo solid leaf is reminiscent of a tomato-based BBQ sauce. We’ve graded this tobacco as a solid leaf as there can be minor defects and occasional holes.


Evergreen woods are used to give our Latakia leaves their smoky and peppery aroma which blends with its powerful flavor. If you can imagine the scent of both leather and campfire together, that’s an accurate description of Latakia, with a smooth sweetness that enhances its quality.

Virginia Light Fire Cured Solid Leaf/Wrapper

Both solid leaf and wrapper versions of this dark fire cured, Virginia-grown tobacco are available and produce a strong aroma due to the smoldering treatment they receive while curing. This tobacco boasts a unique flavor that will certainly be remembered.Fire Cured Tobacco Buyers Guide

Fire Cured Tobacco Available at Total Leaf Supply

At Total Leaf Supply, we only source the very best so that you can enjoy unparalleled flavor every time you indulge. If this fire cured tobacco buyers guide has made you salivate for high quality, unaltered whole leaves, be sure to shop with us today!

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