Curing is an imperative step in tobacco’s journey from the farm to your hands. There are many curing methods that are used to produce different flavors and experiences. One extremely popular method is sun curing tobacco. This is done on Oriental tobaccos, including our Latakia and Oriental Basma. In this curing method the leaves can lose a large amount (up to 90%) of their weight due to loss of moisture. This drying removes chlorophyll from the leaves, creating a more favorable flavor and texture.

When sun curing tobacco, leaves are spread out on racks and placed in direct sunlight for 12-30 days. This time in the bright, intense sun removes the majority of their moisture. Once the moisture is removed the leaves often undergo a secondary curing to complete the process. For example, Latakia is fire cured once sun curing is complete, giving it its signature black color and robust, smoky flavor.

Sun cured tobacco leaves tend to be a yellow to orange color and have a high sugar content. These leaves are small in size and highly aromatic. For example, our Latakia leaves are an average of 6 inches long while Tennessee / Kentucky Fire Cured Leaf average 29 inches long.

Many cigarette tobacco blends have traditionally been made with all or majority sun cured tobacco. The mild flavor, strong aroma, and increased acidity is very popular for cigarette and pipe tobacco blends alike.

Total Leaf Supply aims to be your source for the finest whole leaf tobacco available. We offer all types or tobacco leaves including Oriental, Shade, Flue Cured, Fire Cured, Air Cured, and Sun Cured. If you have any questions about what leaf would be the best fit for your needs please do not hesitate to contact us at or by phone at (434) 247-1504.