Shade Tobacco Buyers Guide

by | Jan 3, 2022

As you may have guessed, shade tobacco is grown in…the shade. Now, technically, this cigar tobacco is grown in open fields, but the plants are covered in a nylon cheesecloth so that they aren’t blasted by direct sunlight as they grow. The result is a darker and more creamy tasting tobacco when compared to sun-grown alternatives, and it’s a popular choice among cigar enthusiasts. To help you choose the right whole leaf shade tobacco for your needs, we’ve put together this shade tobacco buyers guide that should shed some light on this unique product.

Types of Shade Tobacco

Ecuadorian CT Shade Wrapper

Thin, lightweight, yet still a good-sized leaf, our Ecuadorian CT Shade Wrapper boasts an earthy aroma and is grown from the same seeds as the Connecticut Shade Wrapper. It has very thin veins making it perfect for wrapping, and is identified by its light pink/brown color.

Candela Wrapper

Soft, thin, and holy green, Batman! Our Candela Wrapper sure is green, and that’s due to it being harvested prior to full maturity and then cured rapidly. As a result, the flavor is grassy and spicy, and the ultra-thin veining makes this a strong choice for that perfect roll.

Ecuadorian Seco Cuban Seed Wrapper

Medium cocoa coloring and a thin body describe our Ecuadorian Seco Cuban Seed Wrapper. With excellent stretching and rolling capabilities, it’s highly desirable for rolling quality cigars. Typically, this tobacco is grown under cheesecloth, shaded tents, or in regions with lots of cloud cover.

Shade Tobacco Available at Total Leaf Supply

At Total Leaf Supply, we’re committed to sourcing top-shelf whole leaf tobacco products so that you can experience tobacco the way it was intended. If this shade tobacco buyers guide has made you curious about rolling your own fine cigars, place your order online today or get in touch for more information.

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