Organic Virginia Flue Cured Orange Leaf (BFR)

Unlike any leaf you’ve tested before, but oddly difficult to put down


Our mild and sweet Organic Virginia Flue Cured tobacco is used as a base throughout the tobacco industry. Coloring of these leaves is generally orange; however, it can range from dark lemon to light red.

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Just over the ridge line that trails our creekside factory, you'll find beautiful fields of the world's finest organic Virginia Flue Cured tobacco. Locals say a vein of ultra-rich soil in our district creates the perfect growing environment for flue cured tobacco - it's something no other region can offer! Our Organic Virginia Flue Cured Orange Leaf (BFR) comes from these very fields. Our supply of this leaf has a medium-orange coloring, medium body and firm leaf structure. The (BFR) notation designates that this leaf is generally pulled from above the mid-section of the stalk. This leaf is remarkable for its easy body, citrus aroma and deep coloring.

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Virginia Flue Cured tobacco is where it all started for us. Our roots run deep in the red clay of Southern Virginia, where our families have grown Virginia Flue Cured tobacco for generations. The Virginia Flue Cured tobacco offered here is the same mild, slightly sweet base used throughout the tobacco industry. This whole leaf tobacco is cured in closed barns in which closely regulated heating processes are conducted. This proven method of growing, processing and curing gives this Organic Virginia Flue Cured tobacco leaf its seductive aroma.


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