When searching for a high-quality, source for your tobacco leaf wrappers and fronto leaf online, look no further than Total Leaf Supply. We provide the finest whole leaf tobacco available online, at the most competitive prices. We offer a variety of whole leaf, including dark air cured, fire cured, flue cured, light air cured, oriental and shade.

One of our most popular whole leaf options purchased is Fronto Leaf, which is commonly used when rolling your own tobacco products, such as cigars and cigarettes, or for filling a pipe or other tobacco smoking source. The benefits of using whole Fronto leaf tobacco include:

  • No additives, meaning no GMOs or added chemicals commonly found in other types of tobacco; just the natural, unaltered, organic leaf
  • Lower cost, therefore saving you money, especially when buying in bulk – wholesale options are also available
  • A satisfying, hands-on experience of rolling your products for your own enjoyment; also allows you to control how tightly you roll the final tobacco product
  • Delivers a smooth, but powerful hit of tobacco

Buy Fronto Leaf Online
At Total Leaf Supply, our Fronto whole leaves are hand-grown by small farms across the United States and other worldwide tobacco producers. We believe in only providing the best whole leaf for the best tobacco smoking experience and strive to be the best place to buy fronto leaf online. We have several options to choose from, which come in a variety of sized packages based on your needs, including ¼, 1, and 5 lb. quantities. If you’re looking to purchase a larger quantity, contact us for more details regarding our wholesale tobacco leaf prices for containers of 250 lbs. or more. Our tobacco leaves are exquisite, but our prices can’t be beat! Check out our selection of whole Fronto Leaf online or contact us today for more information.

Seeking more information about our whole leaf tobacco products? Check out our whole leaf tobacco blog for more information about the varieties of whole leaf tobacco available at Total Leaf Supply. Stop searching – you have now found where to buy the best fronto leaf for sale online!