Tobacco growing regions span across the globe as many countries have adopted tobacco as a primary annual crop. What started in Central America years ago has spread, and it isn’t slowing down. As decades pass, global production of tobacco increases and stretches to the far corners of the Earth – but the question remains: where are the top regions for growing tobacco?

Central & South America Tobacco Region

Around the tropics, it may come as no surprise that Cuba and the Dominican Republic are the top tobacco growing regions in the area. As seen in popular culture quite frequently, these regions – especially Cuba – produce some of the most popular cigars available. Cuba is well-known for its high-quality cigar rolling capabilities, and in 1959 after the Cuban Revolution, the Dominican Republic invited many Cuban cigar makers to join them which led to a surge in their own cigar industry.

Nicaragua is a worthy adversary, however, as cigars from the area are currently regarded as some of the best in the world (if not, the very best). Nicaragua has become one of the top regions for growing tobacco in recent years and has taken the cigar industry by storm. Cigar makers grow their tobacco in ways similar to the Cubans and are able to produce rich flavors that attract cigar enthusiasts around the globe.

Honduras has also seen a steady change in their industry, and their ability to create medium to full-bodied cigars has set them apart amongst competing tobacco growing regions.

In Mexico, the San Andreas Valley is regarded as one of the top regions for growing tobacco in the country. There, they can produce unique whole tobacco leaves such as a sun-grown variety of Sumatra seed.

Tobacco Grown in The United States

Initiated by southern colonists, tobacco quickly became one of the main crops grown in the United States, and areas such as North Carolina and Kentucky become two of the top tobacco growing regions in the nation, with 70% of the country’s Burley Leaf being grown in Kentucky alone. In our own backyard, Virginia isn’t far behind and specializes in producing Flue-Cured tobacco. But even these areas are all bested by Connecticut which boasts the most popular tobacco growing regions in the country. Their shade leaves are popularly used as wrappers and are world-renowned.

Worldwide Tobacco Growing Regions

Other parts of the world have also made the list of top regions for growing tobacco, and places in West Africa such as Cameroon are well-known for producing excellent wrappers. Indonesia typically manufactures small cigars, but they are famous for their Sumatra tobacco leaves, too. If you’re searching for more mild tobacco, The Phillippines is where you’ll find an abundance of high-quality leaves to suit your smoking style.

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