The term shade grown tobacco isn’t used to describe tobacco plants grown beneath a tree or cultivated in a greenhouse. Shade grown tobacco is primarily produced in Connecticut, Southern Vermont, or Massachusetts, in the shade of the Connecticut River. In addition to raising the plants in the fertile Connecticut River soil, producers cover the plants with tents constructed out of thin cheesecloth, which protects the crop from the sun and any wind. The final result is whole leaf tobacco that boasts thinner, larger, more uniform and a great deal more flexible leaves than other tobacco growth methods.

Characteristics of Shade Leaf Tobacco

When they mature, traditionally grown tobacco plants range from 3 to 4 feet tall and have leaves that vary in size. At about 9 feet tall, the shade grown plants are considerably bigger. The leaves on the shade grown plants are also much more uniform in size. The uniformity of leaf size not only makes it easier to use as cigar wrappers but also results in a smoother smoking experience. While using the shade leaf tobacco as a wrap, you’ll notice that the tobacco is not nearly as oily or coarse as sun grown tobacco wrappers.

Common Uses

Shade leaf tobacco is highly sought after and difficult to procure. Cigar wrappers consider shade leaf tobacco the best type of tobacco for wrapping. Commercial cigar companies frequently approach tobacco producers and offer to purchase the entire crop even before it’s planted, a practice that makes it difficult for hobbyist and cigar enthusiasts to find the leaves.

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