Uh oh. Are you seeing white/green spots on tobacco leaves you’ve purchased? Don’t fret! There’s a strong chance that it isn’t mold, but instead, a natural occurrence that has little effect on the taste and aroma of your tobacco. It can be disappointing to see white/green spots on tobacco if you don’t understand the reason for their presence, but reviewing the cause should help to put your mind at ease and enable you to enjoy smoking without worry.

Green Spots

Green spots that appear on your tobacco leaves are a result of the curing process and indicate natural discoloration. If there isn’t enough airflow to the leaves (if leaves are folded over or simply at the bale’s center) during curing, green spots may appear. This is especially true with tobacco types associated with cigarettes, but it can occur with other, high-end tobacco leaves in general. Tobacco isn’t a hard plant to grow, but the difficulty increases when farmers attempt to produce an aesthetically pleasing plant for the purposes of cigar manufacturing.

White Spots

Similar to green spots, white spots are also a common result of this discoloration process. In tobacco farming, white spots are often an indicator that the plants are fully mature and ready to be harvested. There are many farmers who harvest prior to white spots occurring, but this isn’t always the case. In any case, white spots on tobacco leaves aren’t something to be concerned with but are just a natural part of the typical growing process. Cigars boast larger leaves in order to create the perfect wrapper, and there are bound to be some inconsistencies and defects that occur as leaves travel from the plant into a finished cigar.

Will White/green Spots on Tobacco Leaves Affect the Flavor?

In most cases, no. These blemishes are a natural part of the growing and curing process but don’t typically cause any adverse effects when the time comes to sit back and enjoy your cigar. They might not be pretty to look at, but as you sit back in your chair and take a puff of high-quality, whole leaf tobacco, you’re eyes are likely to close anyway!

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