Your customers come to you for your expertise and expansive selection. Make sure your store is always ready with our discounted wholesale orders of all-natural whole leaf tobacco.

Ordering in bulk can save you money, keep your shelves brimming with high-quality tobacco, and guarantee your discerning customers always leave your store satisfied. You will continually have premium stock on-hand while taking advantage of our competitive wholesale pricing.

Advantages of Wholesale Ordering 

One of the best ways to increase profit is to decrease costs. Buying in bulk provides you with more supply up front, while costing you less per unit. And there’s no need to worry about product expiration with the near-unending storage potential of cured, dry tobacco leaves. Our tiered pricing system allows you to save as you increase your order amount.

Tiered Pricing

Our three-tiered structure leads to more savings per unit as you increase your wholesale purchase. The tiers are divided by poundage of leaves, with true wholesale prices beginning at 250 pounds, the typical weight of one carton.

  • Tier 3: 50 – 250 lbs
  • Tier 2: 250 – 1000 lbs
  • Tier 1: 1000+ lbs

Pricing and tiers can vary depending on the type of leaf. Custom quotes are available upon request for fanta, grabba, and fronto leaves in Tier 3 quantities.

Why Order With Us? 

We stock a wide array of exceptional leaves, cured with traditional methods to bring out their best flavor. Our strict quality standards ensure that your leaves have never been altered or enhanced in any way, and are naturally imbued with their rich textures and enticing aromas. We work directly with our tobacco suppliers to make sure you receive the finest whole leaf tobacco at the best prices.

Make sure to take our great prices one step further and place your wholesale order today. Fill out our wholesale request form to get started.