Whether to save money or to create their own custom blend, many smokers prefer to buy their tobacco in bulk and as whole leaf. A common question for those that buy whole leaf tobacco is how to store the tobacco so it remains fresh and does not dry out. This is a good question, as tobacco can dry out quickly. The flavor of tobacco is diminished and the taste will become harsh if it dries out, and can be hard on the stomach and lungs.

The process of producing tobacco has been mastered over centuries. Tobacco is slowly dried during the production process, but never fully dried out. Once produced, the tobacco is packaged in an airtight container to keep the product moist until opened for use.

Whole leaf tobacco is a value because it can be stored for a long time with no degradation in quality. Tobacco is typically shipped in clear plastic bags with holes for aeration, so the tobacco can breathe and will not dry out while in transit.

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If you receive your tobacco via the mail, using the aerated bag it is shipped in to store it is a good practice. Do not use a tightly sealed bag, as the tobacco can begin to mold. The best environment to store your tobacco is a cool, dry, dark place like a cupboard. This will keep it from drying out and provide you with fresh tobacco for many weeks to come.

Using a mason jar is another great way to store tobacco. If you live in a hot and dry climate, putting your tobacco in a plastic bag and then storing that in the mason jar can have a stronger preservation effect.

In a pinch, a plastic container, like Tupperware, can be used. Though not air-tight, it is a good short-term solution. For best results, place the tobacco in the bottom of the container, then place a piece of tin foil upon it. On top of the tin foil, place a moist paper towel.

Should your whole leaf tobacco become dry, which can happen in a short period of time, you can rehydrate it. Using a spray bottle, mist both sides of the leaf and within 15 minutes you will be able to handle it as if fresh. For optimum preparation for storage, you will want it to dry to the point it becomes fully pliable without any excess moisture.

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