When it comes to enjoying a great cigar, there are a few characteristics that should be considered. Each enthusiast has a personal preference, but generally, it comes down to aroma, flavor, and smoke output. These characteristics are dramatically affected by the type of fronto tobacco leaves that the cigar is made of. Leaves from tobacco plants are categorized based on which area of the plant the leaves are harvested from and shouldn’t be thought of as different strains. There are three different kinds of tobacco leaf distinctions – the Seco, Ligero, and Volado leaves. Volado leaves are found at the base of the plant and typically lack flavor and aroma. In fact, they are added simply for their distinctive, potent burning properties. Seco and Ligero leaves provide the most impactful variations of cigars, so let’s look at what sets them apart.

Seco Tobacco Leaves

Almost all cigar smokers and enthusiasts are well acquainted with Seco tobacco leaves as they are the most popular type of leaf. Located and harvested from the midsection of the tobacco plant, Seco leaves are the thinnest tobacco leaves but contribute primarily to the beautiful aroma of any cigar that uses them. Commonly used as filler tobacco, Seco leaves are considered to have a distinctly milder flavor than any of the other tobacco leaves.

Ligero Tobacco Leaves

Ligero tobacco leaves are found on the upper-most part of tobacco plants and take the longest to mature. These leaves produce a dynamic and powerful flavor, paired wonderfully with a bountiful smoke output. The Ligero leaf is the part of the plant with the most oils and is known to provide cigar enthusiasts with a full-bodied, spicy flavor. However, despite the presence of intense flavor, these leaves are extremely lacking in aroma. To make up for the near absence of aroma Ligero leaves are often blended with Seco leaves, producing an ultimate marriage of flavor, aroma, and smoke output – perfect for experienced smokers.

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