With Christmas around the corner, Total Leaf Supply would like to introduce our new merchandise page.

This is where you will see the tobacco leaf Christmas ornament. This would be the perfect décor to hang on your tree or a place of your liking around the house/apartment.  The tobacco ornament is a unique gift and conversation piece to create interest in the tobacco heritage.  A few years back, I went to a Christmas party where everyone was asked to bring a unique ornament.  I pondered and looked for that unique ornament, but to no luck.  I decided to make an ornament using tobacco.  It was a fun process making my friends their special ornament.  I waited in anticipation as my friends open their gift. I was delighted when I found out they loved the tobacco ornament.  Every year I received a picture from my friends showing me their beautiful tobacco ornament.  They always enjoyed having parties during the holidays and shared how everyone was so intrigued with the ornament.  What a great conversational piece.

Total Leaf Supply would like to share that same joy with you that my friends enjoyed.  We hope you will enjoy the tobacco ornament and will create many beautiful memories.  If giving it as a gift, it would be a delightful surprise and add a reminder of your kindness and joy each year.

Christmas Tobacco Decor