Characteristics of Fire Cured Tobacco

by | Jun 30, 2021

Once tobacco leaves have been harvested they must undergo a curing process so that the dried leaves maintain their powerful flavor and aroma. Of the many methods out there, fire-cured tobacco is certainly a popular choice. The use of fire not only eliminates issues with dampness and mold but also gives the leaves a distinct – almost BBQ-like – flavor. Historically, fire-cured tobacco was done as a way to preserve the leaves for shipping abroad so that moisture wouldn’t cause damage, and it is done today in smaller batches to produce a condimental tobacco that can be blended for a spicy finish. The characteristics of fire-cured tobacco leaves, dried by a smoldering fire, include an authentic, outdoor, backwoods taste which has been found to be quite desirable by many smoking enthusiasts.

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How Is It Cured?

The flavors captured in fire-cured tobacco are predominately decided by the wood that is burned – in Tennessee and Kentucky, oak and mesquite hardwoods are often used to amplify the strong flavors. The leaves are hung in large barns that are sealed tightly to ensure that the smoke can encompass the leaves entirely and leave its mark. Once the fire is lit, it’s often covered with sawdust so that it doesn’t produce tall flames but instead a smoldering effect with lots of smoke. This helps to keep the tobacco’s natural oils preserved, and yields a finished product that contains high amounts of nicotine.

Unique Characteristics of Fire Cured Tobacco

The unique characteristics of fire-cured tobacco are what make it such a popular choice for those who appreciate a stronger flavor. Both light and dark options are available, though it’s most commonly used as pipe tobacco, chew, and snuff as opposed to cigarettes or cigars. The iconic smoky flavor sets it apart from other tobacco products.

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