Tobacco users who are looking for the best smoking experience will find it in using whole leaf tobacco. Some of the benefits of using whole leaf over pre-rolled tobacco include lower cost, no added chemicals, and the enjoyment of the hands-on experience of rolling your own tobacco product, whether that is a cigarette or cigar. When using whole leaf to roll your own tobacco products, you can customize the roll and make it as tight or loose as you like, ensuring a personalized end product every time.

What is Whole Leaf Tobacco?

Whole leaf tobacco is a raw, natural product left in its natural state with leaf and stem intact. Because it is left in its natural, unprocessed state, it is not exposed to the same chemicals other tobacco products can be exposed to during processing. You can be assured that you are using an all-natural product that is only exposed to the pesticides involved with the grow process, which are cleaned off at harvest time. Fronto tobacco is a tobacco wrapper leaf sold by the individual leaf or by the pound. It gives off a potent and bold smoke when rolled up in paper or smoked in a pipe. Fronto leaf tobacco makes an excellent cigar wrapper, and many people prefer to use these leaves to craft their own tobacco products.  Fronto leaf is also known as Grabba Leaf, however the difference lies in how the leaf is smoked. When referring to Grabba leaf, the consumer is going to break the whole leaf down into strips and smoke it.

Why You Should Use Whole Leaf Tobacco

As noted earlier, purchasing whole leaf tobacco is a wise choice. You can enjoy a significant cost savings by buying a whole, unprocessed product and using it to roll your own tobacco products at home. In addition, you can achieve the custom hand rolled advantage of an end product that is rolled exactly how you prefer. You will enjoy the hands on nature of the rolling experience, and you will be consuming a tobacco product that has been exposed to fewer chemicals than conventional processed tobacco products. Another benefit of buying premium whole leaf products is that you can customize your own brand of tobacco products by creating a personalized blend of more than one type of whole leaf tobacco. This is something you won’t get from a manufactured tobacco product!

Where can you find top quality whole leaf tobacco online?

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