Air Cured Tobacco Buyers Guide

by | Oct 25, 2021

Air cured tobacco is a popular choice among enthusiasts looking for expertly sourced, unaltered, whole leaf tobacco products. It’s produced by hanging leaves inside of ventilated barns to be dried naturally by atmospheric conditions, and there are four different types that we offer here at Total Leaf Supply. We’ve put together this handy air cured tobacco buyers guide so that you can understand the differences between five of our most popular options choose the one that aligns with your specific taste.

Types of Air Cured Tobacco

Glasgow Magistrate Fronto Leaf

As one of our signature fronto leaves, Glasgow Magistrate Wrapper features thin veins and a smooth, versatile aroma. This gorgeous leaf boasts nice oil and stretch, making it one of the best wrappers available.

Organic Burley

Light colored and sporting a low sugar content, Organic Burley has a nutty flavor and developed aroma and is a great option if you plan to blend with other tobaccos.

French Burley Wrapper

This tobacco boasts a light body and more mellow flavor from thin leaves free from many common defects. Like Organic Burley, it blends very well with other leaves and has low sugar content.

Oriental Basma

Sweet and spicy, these golden leaves are grown in Greece and have a high oil content. They are smaller in size, but have a heavier body and are pulled one at a time to dry in the sun.

Maryland 88 DAC

Often used as wrappers for cigars, our Maryland 88 dark air cured usually provides many more leaves per pound than other options, as they are light and may contain some defects.

Why Choose Total Leaf Supply for Air Cured Tobacco

We hope you’ve found this air cured tobacco buyers guide to be of some value and that it has given you a better idea of what each of our air cured types are like. We only distribute the very best tobacco and you can order yours right now by shopping online with us.

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