What is Fronto Leaf?

by | Feb 19, 2019

When the world looks for good things to smoke, they head to Jamaica. Beyond the stereotypical sticky buds that bring tourists to the beaches and byways of many Caribbean islands, Jamaica has gifted the world with some of the most potent and uniquely flavorful varieties of whole leaf tobacco available. Finally, mass markets around the globe are discovering the smooth texture and powerful smoking experience of Fronto leaves. What is a Fronto leaf? What makes them the best choice for the discerning smoker?

All About Fronto Leaves

Fronto leaves are a long-standing tradition in the Caribbean Islands. When islanders moved to the mainland, they brought along their beloved leaves to twist up their special herb or create robust cigars. Often called Grabba or Fanta (not to be confused with the beverage), migrants also break the leaves into strips to add to their other smoking ingredients. The leaves are sold with the stems still attached and can be chopped up and put into a pipe for instant gratification.

Fronto aficionados look for leaves that are a deep, dark brown color. Thinner leaves are more valued, as these make easier rolling materials. Darker leaves tend to be thicker, so finding just the right combination of color and heft can be difficult. Thinner leaves, however, are still sturdy enough to hold up to rolling, pinching, twisting, and burning without allowing the contents to spill or the leaves falling apart. The best leaves can be found in areas with high concentrations of Caribbean immigrants like New York, Los Angeles, and Boston.

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What Makes Fronto Leaf Tobacco So Special?

Smokers who seek high-quality products appreciate Fronto leaves for their smoothness, distinct flavoring, and substantial experience. Whether used in a custom cigar or thrown in a pipe for a quick puff, this leaf demands a leisurely appreciation. Fronto leaves are also a more cost-effective alternative to other rolling materials.

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