Organic Burley

Mature, smooth, and a little nostalgic, enjoy this leaf in the morning with a coffee in hand and a newspaper open on the table


Burley tobacco is a very light, dry, air cured tobacco.


Total Leaf Supply is featuring air cured Organic Burley Whole Leaf Tobacco for Sale. This light-colored tobacco leaf has very little sugar content, which gives it a dry, developed aroma. A more flavorful description is found on MAN Crates by Kukan, T. (2017, May 23). "Put This In Your Pipe And Smoke It: How To Choose A Tobacco" outlines the varieties, the cures, the cuts and the tastes of tobaccos. Kukan describes organic burley tobacco to have "a soft, nutty flavor that burns slowly and coolly." This tobacco is great blended with other tobaccos as "it accepts outside flavors (i.e., casings)."

Farmers make a commitment to the extra work to deliver quality, organic tobacco. We're excited to bring you this organic whole leaf tobacco, and we want to pay tribute to the farmers who are expanding this natural, organic process.

With many benefits in mind, the organic production of tobacco has been moving towards this pesticide-free process. Found on Tobacco Reporter, "The Natural Way" by Bickers, C. (2012, April 1) reveals how labor intensive it is for tobacco farmers to make the organic approach work with regards to pests, diseases, crop rotation and more. Land must sit for a period of three years without any pesticide or chemical applications before sowing the first crop of tobacco. 

On Facts Week, "Global Organic Tobacco Production to Surpass 22,000 Tonnes by End of 2026: Future Market Insights" by Yogesh (2018, March 24) reports there is a definite upsurge of organic tobacco farming. Yogesh also reports that health issues are among the reasons that organic tobacco farming is on the rise, and farmers around the world are beginning to adopt organic farming techniques. Yogesh also reveals that North America is the leader in the production of organic tobacco, and will be producing almost one-half of the estimated global market value by 2026. It is exciting to see that an American tradition continues since its inception in the early 1600s.

Our mission at Total Leaf Supply is to provide you with the highest quality tobacco at the best price. By working directly with tobacco producers, we are able to provide the best prices on Organic Burley Tobacco and more to you. We are here to answer your questions, and it is always our pleasure to assist you with your order. We also offer all our high quality whole leaf tobacco in wholesale quantities for shops.


We are excited to offer our Organic Burley Whole Leaf Tobacco in three sizes at three great prices.


Type: Light Air Cured

Origin: Pennsylvania

Average length: 21.5″ long; however, this varies significantly.

Average weight: 63 leaves per pound

Additional information

Weight N/A
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1 Pound, 1/4 Pound, 5 Pound

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