Nicaraguan Seco Binder

A leaf to enjoy in the evening, with your feet buried in cool sand


Type: Dark Air Cured

Origin: Nicaragua

Grade: Binder

Our Nicaraguan Seco Binder Tobacco is an excellent choice for those looking for a thin, dark air cured binder. This leaf has a great balance of stretch and a thin body with a mild aroma. Although we have graded this leaf as a binder, many of these leaves are suitable for use as wrappers.

In comparison to our Glasgow Magistrate Wrapper, our Blind Monkey Wrapper or our Picaroon Wrapper, this leaf is much thinner and somewhat smaller, but you'll get many more leaves per pound.

As with all of our retail sales, small orders of these leaves are unbound and separated from each other. If you'd prefer your order to be untouched and bound together in 'hands' by the farmer, we're happy to accommodate you. Just let us know. 5 LB and larger, as well as wholesale, orders are shipped in bound 'hands' of tobacco.

Type: Dark Air Cured

Origin: Nicaragua

Grade: Binder

Average length: 17" long

Average width: 9" at its widest point

Average weight: 97 leaves per pound

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

1 Pound, 1/4 Pound, 5 Pound

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