Dominican Piloto Solid Leaf

Like the scent of hot, dry earth after the rain. And just as refreshing


Type: Dark Air Cured

Origin: Dominican Republic

Grade: Piloto Solid Leaf

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Our Dominican Piloto Solid Leaf is an excellent choice for those looking for a dark air cured filler or solid leaf grade product. Although there are some holes, tears or other defects that prevent this leaf from being a wrapper grade leaf, it's a great choice as a filler or grabba style leaf.

This leaf has a relatively neutral, although somewhat peppery, aroma. Don't let the size or thickness scare you off; this is a great filler, solid leaf or grabba style leaf.

In comparison to our other leaves graded filler or solid leaf, this leaf is quite dark but smaller.

Type: Dark air Cured

Origin: Dominican Republic

Grade: Piloto Solid Leaf

Average length: 17" long

Average width: 7" at its widest point

Average weight: 80 leaves per pound

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1 Pound, 1/4 Pound, 5 Pound

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